Perkins Diesel or Gas Engine

When Controllis started developing its telecom generators we looked around for the best engine solution. We wanted an engine that met all of the following criteria:

  • Ultra long life construction
  • High efficiency
  • Variable speed
  • Ready availability of spare parts and global support
  • High tolerance to typical fuel quality found in developing countries
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Very long overhaul time
  • Water cooled for long endurance in very hot climates

After studying the market very carefully using the above criteria we concluded that Perkins engines are by far and away the best option for the stationary telecoms generator market. Perkins is a subsidiary of the giant Caterpillar corporation. All Controllis generators and OEM kits use Perkins 3 cylinder indirect injection 400 series engines manufactured in the UK.

On the Gas engine side Controllis can offer advanced natural gas or LPG engines that are based around a Perkins core. These engines are extremely robust, fuel efficient and quiet. If the low cost of natural gas makes it a viable economic alternative to diesel contact us to discuss your options.