DC Generators

Many communications systems in the telecoms, defence, emergency services and utility sectors rely on DC power.

This is generally so these systems can run uninterrupted off a standby battery when there is a power failure. These battery banks are often charged by AC generators with rectifiers converting the AC into DC. For sites where there is no mains available (off-grid) or poor mains availability DC generators represent a better solution.

There are three main reasons to use DC generators:

Reason 1: Lower Fuel Consumption
This is achieved through more efficient Variable Speed Operation, the use of Permanent Magnets and eliminating the need for a Coupling or Bearing.

Reason 2: Greater Reliability
There are no rectifiers required on off grid sites and no Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) required for grid connected sites.

Reason 3: Eliminates Site Electricity Theft
Only DC power is produced which it not at all useful for running domestic appliances so electricity theft is eliminated.

All 3 of these reasons reduce operating costs compared to using a traditional AC generator and rectifier. Even if the AC generator is used in Hybrid mode (for low load sites) the use of a DC generator in hybrid mode will further reduce operating costs.

Controllis build state-of-the-art DC generators and system components. Our unique and proprietary architecture offers the highest efficiency in the most cost effective package.

The reasons for using Controllis DC generators include:

Reason 1: Even Lower Fuel Consumption
Controllis DC generators all use our unique high-efficiency 37 phase DCPrimePower® architecture.

Reason 2: Very High Reliability
Controllis Systems have multiple redundancy and advanced system protections as standard.

Reason 3: Lowest DC Ripple
Ripple causes degradation to batteries through micro cycling. Controllis systems have ultra low ripple (<10mV RMS) which makes batteries last longer.

Reason 4: Most Advanced Monitoring
With Controllis systems all Key Parameters are continuously monitored. This allows predictive maintenance greatly improving site up time.

Reason 5: Best Price/Performance
Our OEM solution delivers an advanced solution at local pricing

Controllis offers these advantages because our solution has been developed from the ground up to provide power at the lowest total cost of ownership for communications sites. Controllis is solely focused on the design, development and manufacture of DC Power and related control systems for communications customers.

Controllis markets its own brand of DC generators under the Quiet48 and Modular48 brands. The Quiet48 is designed to be ultra-quiet for use in environments where typical generator sound levels can't be tolerated. The Basic48 range use the more conventional single skin and foam construction. The basic48 can also be offered as a single block solution comprising battery bank, large tank and generator enclosure. Both versions are available in 5, 7, 10 or 12kW continuous power outputs.