High fuel efficiency

State of the art Power and Control products

Controllis' generators and site control systems are

deployed globally

and serviced locally

Our market leading products are:

Energy Efficient

Controllis DC generators and hybrid systems provide the lowest operating cost for telecoms site power systems. Fuel consumption is one of the largest single operating costs for telecoms operators in developing countries and our solutions dramatically reduce this cost for operators, improving network profitability and competitiveness.

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Reliably secure

Controllis DC and AC power solutions are designed to be both reliable and secure. Our systems monitor all the main causes of generator failure including fuel and oil levels, starter battery condition, filter contamination and engine condition. Our preventative maintenance systems identify potential issues before they become problems.

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Long lasting life

All Controllis products are designed with the longevity of the equipment of paramount importance. This includes the enclosure, which is constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium and composite, the electronic systems which are designed in-house for extreme environments and all the peripheral elements which are tested extensively before deployment.

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Environmentally Friendly

Controllis Systems reduce fuel consumption and lower our customer carbon footprint. As our systems are designed for longer infield use they consume less resources over their lifetime. Controllis operates a return to base end of life recycling scheme where over 90% of the product is able to be stripped and recycled for its base elements.

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That's not all. We can offer

tailored packages

based upon your requirements

Industry leading warranty

Because we make ultra-reliable power and control systems we are comfortably able to offer industry leading warranties on all our deployed systems.

A long standard reduces your total cost of ownership and provides peace of mind, with no inflated extended warranty fees.

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Maintenance Services

Our distributors provide a full range of in-country installation, commissioning and maintenance services to ensure that deployment of our equipment is hassle free and requires the minimal use of your own valuable resources.

A number of our distributors are also able to offer refuelling services where needed.

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Training and Support

We train all of our distributors and customers (where they require it) up to expert user level. Training covers installation, commissioning, maintenance and remote monitoring.

We offer various levels of remote monitoring and support depending on the customer's requirements including up to 24/365 tier 1-3.

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Leasing and Finance options

Through a number of partners we are able to offer a wide range of leasing or vendor finance options. The leasing options are attractive to customers looking to reduce or rationalise plant levels.

The vendor finance options offer customers the option to purchase the plant over several years, reducing the cash outlay per annum.

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Our qualified partners do everything so that you can

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