Hybrid Power Systems

For low site power loads and where renewable power sources are an option hybrid systems can save operators millions of dollars per annum across a network.

Controllis provides two types of hybrid energy systems: a battery cycling hybrid generator solution and a renewable energy based hybrid solution. Both types reduce the cost per kilowatt hour of energy delivered to a site.

The battery cycling hybrid system comprises a Basic48 or Quiet48 generator and a battery bank (either lead acid or a lithium ion). The generator charges up the battery bank and the site runs off the batteries for several hours or longer, reducing generator run-time and ensuring that the generator is running at high load where it is most efficient. Such systems can provide significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs compared to continuously-running AC generator solutions.

The renewable hybrid system combines a Basic48 or Quiet48 generator with a renewable energy solution based around wind, solar, micro hydro (or a combination of these renewable resources). The renewable energy device is monitored and controlled via an interface into the Remote System Controller within the generator; and the system seamlessly interfaces into the Controllis Remote Management Server, providing reports on renewable usage and system condition. In markets with feed-in tariffs, advanced renewable controllers can enable site operators to earn financial returns from excess energy produced.

Using a Controllis DC generator at the heart of the renewable system has a number of advantages:

  • Higher energy efficiency than an AC generator and rectifier – reduces fuel costs
  • Management system (and single interface) common to all site components – reduces complexity, training time for staff and operating costs
  • Improved system reliability compared to large renewable sources and battery banks alone – reduces site outages (e.g. during rainy seasons)

Controllis Hybrid solutions can be supplied as single box (combining fuel tank generator and batteries) or as separate components.

Hybrid systems should be carefully designed and sized. Incorrectly sized battery-cycling hybrid solutions can sometimes use more fuel and have a greater total cost of ownership than simply running an efficient generator full time. This is because charging and discharging a battery bank is never 100% efficient and all battery systems have a finite cycle life. Controllis provides, free of charge, hybrid system modelling solutions to potential customers so they know what the full cost of the system will be over its term of life.