OEM Solutions

The core focus of Controllis business is providing DC OEM solutions to generator manufacturers located around the world. The Controllis OEM program offers all the advantages of the Controllis DC generator technology delivered locally at a low cost.

The advantages of the Controllis OEM program include:

  • Lower Shipping Costs – Systems can be flat-packed for high container utilisation
  • Reduced Import Duties – Duties on components are often much lower than built up systems
  • Lower Labour Costs – Generators can be completed at much lower cost

The Controllis OEM program provides all the critical components a manufacturer needs to build state-of-the art DC generators in their own facilities.

The OEM kit includes the following key elements:

  • Controllis Advanced DCPrimePower® Permanent Magnet Generator
  • Controllis Remote System Controller Hybrid Management Unit (RSC-HMU)
  • Control Panel with relays, fuses, protection systems
  • Wiring harness
  • Engine sensors and protections
  • Battery monitoring sensors
  • Perkins 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine

There are a wide range of optional extras including pressure sensors, filter condition sensors, fuel level monitoring system, oil condition monitoring system and oil monitoring. Other sensor and monitoring solutions can be incorporated at the customer's request..

Controllis uses Perkins Engines in its products because they offer the best combination of reliability, fuel economy and parts availability of any diesel engine in the world. Like Controllis, Perkins are head quartered in the UK where they strictly control the product quality. In business for over 80 years, Perkins is a subsidiary of the giant Caterpillar Corporation. Larger OEM customers who already have direct commercial relationships with Perkins can buy the OEM kit without the engine if they wish.

Controllis is actively working with OEM partners in Africa, Asia and South America.

Generator manufacturers interested in having a high efficiency DC generator in their product line up should contact us to see how we can help you.