Controllis Expands Into New Premises In Norfolk

Controllis has completed the move into its newly acquired headquarters and manufacturing centre in Thetford, Norfolk.

The new 60,000 square feet site has reduced our manufacturing premises down from six to four and we intend to consolidate all manufacturing onto the single site by the middle of 2020.

The new facility is ideal for high volume manufacturing, and once we have completed additional new building works next year the facility will offer a manufacturing capacity of 5 ,000 units per annum.

We have upgraded the site with improved operational efficiency and stock holding facilities to provide rapid delivery lead times globally.

Further capabilities include extended laboratory space for our vital R&D programs. Controllis has recently released two new products – the IonLiFe® 48-105 Lithium Ion telecoms battery and the Smart48-Hybrid Power Unit. Both products help operators increase the efficiency and reliability of their power networks and integrate renewable energy resources such as solar and wind power.

Controllis continues to expand its customer base and product portfolio, and the new manufacturing and research capabilities will help maintain our position as a global leader in DC generators and cloud managed hybrid power systems with comprehensive data analytics.