Controllis Zero

Carbon Neutral Hybrid Renewable Power System

Controllis Zero is a hybrid renewable DC power solution for off-grid and poor grid telecoms sites. Controllis Zero provides a cost-effective, highly reliable and flexible site power provision with net-zero carbon emissions.

Controllis Zero is an addition to the Controllis Modular48 product family. As part of our Hybrid Renewable platform we predominantly use solar arrays and our IonLiFe® lithium ion batteries to provide site power. As required, the system utilises an E100 bioethanol engine to power our 48VDC generator which recharges the battery bank. The site is powered by solar and batteries for up to 90% of the time, with the remaining power provided by renewable bioethanol instead of diesel. The Controllis solution is highly efficient and totally carbon neutral.

Controllis Zero Advantages

Controllis Zero eliminates the dependency on fossil fuels, instead providing clean and reliable site power from renewable sources. The system is smart and automated, prioritising renewable energy over conventional fuel use. Key benefits of deploying Controllis Zero include:

  • Zero net carbon produced
  • Lowest operating cost for site power and lowest cost to the environment
  • Bioethanol fuel can be locally produced and easily transported
  • Aligns with global ethical and environmental objectives
  • Data analytics provide comprehensive insight into energy generation & utilisation

Renewable Energy Integration, Operation and Insight:

The performance of all components of Controllis Zero (renewable energy, battery, generator, engine, enclosure and fuel tank) is seamlessly integrated with the Controllis Remote Management Server.

This provides comprehensive remote monitoring, control and configuration of the entire hybrid system performance, minimising operational costs.

Controllis data analytics suite provides detailed, real-time & exportable analysis of component and system performance. This enables operators to evaluate how a site is performing, understand why a site is operating in a specific way (for example how much is solar contributing to energy creation compared to bioethanol) and optimise site and network performance. Controllis analytics can help create detailed energy use dashboards and reports, which in turn help operators communicate their carbon reduction achievements.

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