DC Generators

Controllis Modular48 DC generator

Controllis DC generator technology provides superior efficiency and reliability with a proven lower Total Cost of Ownership.

The Benefits of DC Generators

Telecoms, tower, off-grid and critical communications sites rely on DC power systems which can run uninterrupted off a standby battery during mains power failure.

Standby battery banks are traditionally charged by AC generators, with rectifiers converting the AC into DC. For sites with no mains power or limited availability, DC generators represent a far better solution, being both more cost effective and reliable. Benefits include:

Lower fuel consumption – DC generators are more efficient than AC and significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Greater reliability – Due to our unique design, Controllis DC generators are highly reliable and provide a telecoms grade DC output direct from the generator. This means there is no need for rectifiers for off-grid sites or ATS equipment for on-grid sites.

Elimination of site electricity theft – because only DC power is produced.

Controllis’ Differentiators and Value

Controllis offers unique DC generator technology and design. This, combined with our advanced system controller, remote management server and powerful data analytics ensures we provide unparalleled efficiency and reliability with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Ultra-efficiency – Our DC generators vary their operating speed according to the power requirements. Unlike AC generators, there are no bearings, couplings or exciter coils. We provide a telecoms grade DC output direct from each generator with no external filters, voltage conditioning or rectifiers needed. The overall result is that Controllis DC generators are more efficient than AC generators and use significantly less fuel – up to 90% less.

Unique generator design – All Controllis DC generators have a unique 37 phase architecture which provides an extremely low ripple output (<10mV). This significantly enhances the performance and lifetime of your battery.

Reliability – We utilise solid state, redundant rectification in all our DC generators which provides exceptional reliability. With millions of run hours we have never had a generator fail. We are proud to offer a 5-year warranty on our DC generators. Please see our Five 5s page for more information.

Data Driven – All Controllis generators can be securely managed from the cloud. Our powerful remote management and data analytics capabilities provide actionable insights into all aspects of your power network performance. This means you can truly understand in real-time what is happening in your networks, minimise site downtime and improve your operational processes.

Flexibility and modularity – Our DC generators and hybrid power systems can be deployed in several configurations and footprints. We provide multiple options for integrated or external battery banks, monitored fuel tank, renewable energy inputs, charge controllers and LVDs. Our enclosures can also securely accommodate and power third party telecoms equipment as required.

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