Hybrid Power Unit

Green your mobile power networks

The Controllis Hybrid Power Unit (HPU) is a flexible renewable energy and integrated power delivery system for mobile telecoms sites.

Working directly with your existing site power sources the Controllis Hybrid Power Unit lets you easily add renewables, additional energy storage and remote management to your legacy power infrastructure.

The HPU allows mobiles operators to augment their existing power systems incrementally, by adding renewables, energy storage along with remote monitoring, reporting & control.

  • Easily introduces solar or wind energy to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs.
  • Adds a scalable Lithium-Ion battery bank for increased power autonomy.
  • Controls the entire site power system remotely and reports on energy use.
  • A free cooled and air-conditioned ‘drop and deploy’ cabinet with space for third party equipment. Heating options for cold climates.

Hybrid Power Unit – how it works

The Controllis Hybrid Power Unit is a single, secure enclosure deployed next to your existing power systems, adding renewable energy sources and a scalable lithium-ion battery bank. The HPU monitors and works with and controls your existing power infrastructure to intelligently prioritise and report on the energy source used to power your site.

With the Controllis Hybrid Power Unit you can keep using your existing site power assets whilst adding renewable energy sources. You can increase your site power autonomy and add overall site power infrastructure control, analytics, and reporting.

Highly scalable and configurable

Augment your legacy site power systems

The HPU is a scalable platform with a wide range of configuration options and includes 19’ ETSI telecom racking to accommodate and power third party equipment as needed.

Advanced hybrid controller
19’ rack-mounted controller with touch screen control
Monitors controls and reports on all site power sources
Remote connectivity to Controllis cloud management

Scalable lithium-ion battery bank
100Ah to 1500Ah high cycle life lithium-ion battery
BMS tightly integrated into Controllis cloud management

Smart programmable LVDs
250A 8 way BLVD / LLVD

Solar / wind charge controllers
Managed MPPT charge controllers, up to 20 kW capacity

DC mains rectifier
Redundant DC mains rectifier system, up to 30kW capacity

Automatic Transfer Switch
Advanced ATS deployed as needed

DC distribution and protection
Bus bars, breakers and circuit protection

Third-party equipment
Space to accommodate other telecoms equipment

The Controllis HPU allows you to keep using the legacy power systems at your existing sites and augment these with renewable energy, lithium-ion battery storage and a single management platform.

Sites which already have AC generators deployed can be reliably supplemented with the Controllis HPU.
Existing AC generators can be controlled by the HPU to run as needed and the generator fuel levels can be remotely monitored.

The Controllis advanced hybrid controller monitors all power sources (mains, generator, battery & renewable) and prioritises which source is to be used.

Cloud-based control and management

The Controllis Advanced Hybrid Controller provides telemetry, remote-control, charging and voltage/flow management of the site power solution. It has a wide range of analogue sensor inputs, digital signal interfaces and in conjunction with sensors and relays can monitor and control a diverse range of legacy site power equipment.

The Controllis Remote Management Server (RMS) monitors and controls remote assets, systems and devices connected to any Advanced System Controller. The RMS is highly secure, cloud-based and presents a map-based, drill down GUI for the monitoring and control of the site power system.

Controllis Hybrid Power Unit Benefits

The Controllis Hybrid Power Unit provides several benefits to your power network and business, including:

– Flexibly and incrementally augment your existing mobile site power systems, maintaining your network investment.

– Provide a more reliable, predictable and autonomous power solution.

– Reduce direct and indirect energy costs.

– Green your power networks by introducing renewable energy sources.

– Monitor, control and report on energy use and carbon footprint savings.

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