Hybrid Renewable Power Stations

Going Green without Compromise

For over a decade, Controllis has been at the forefront of hybrid power systems developing a range of products for the demanding telecommunications and government critical infrastructure sectors. We are now using the same technology to expand into a wide range of sectors that also find themselves under pressure to reduce their operating costs and decrease their carbon footprint.

Controllis Hybrid Renewable Power Stations (HRPS) are a range of hybrid power stations from a small 240V single phase 2kW system up to a 415V 3 phase 2MW System. Our HPRS are designed for a wide variety of applications.

Controllis hybrid renewable solutions offer green power that keeps going whatever the weather and provides better reliability than the mains.

Wide range of Applications

HRPS has a wide range of applications for a variety of different users:

  • Mining– rapid deployment for new remote sites.
  • Remote communities – low-cost mini and microgrids.
  • Hotel and hospitality – reliable, clean power for remote resorts.
  • Telecommunications – renewable and green power for switching
    centres and exchanges.
  • Industrial – low-cost power for remote and rural factories.
  • NGOs – deployment solutions for refugee camps and medical

How HRPS works


The main components of the HRPS are:

  • Renewable power source (usually solar).
  • Power converter/chargers.
  • Lithium battery storage system.
  • Redundant silenced back-up generators.
  • AC inverters.
  • The control and monitoring system.

Remote monitoring and control

As with all Controllis products, HRPS is fully remotely monitored.

The connection between the HRPS and the Controllis Remote Management Server is over any IP link via cellular, fixed line or satellite.


HRPS offers a wide variety of benefits:

  • Substantial reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Better up-time than mains based solution.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Low noise.

Finance options

Controllis can offer finance at attractive rates that can often reduce the payback period to less than a year.

HRPS Summary

  • 2kW to 2MW continuous average power.
  • Harvesting power from renewables and storing it using batteries.
  • Can harvest solar and wind.
  • Full monitoring and optimisation.
  • Ultra-resilient with dual or triple back-up generators.
  • Generators powered by biodiesel, natural gas or biogas.
  • Full carbon offsetting for generator runs.
  • Turnkey systems with all components.
  • Optional DC outputs.
  • Modular for ease of transport and shipping.

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