Company Brochure

Controllis company brochure. Information about Controllis, our technology and products.

Controllis Smart Exchange Power

Smart, monitored renewable power and autonomy upgrade for legacy exchanges.

Controllis Hybrid Renewable Power Station

Controllis HRPS are a range of hybrid power stations from a small 240V single phase 2kW system up to a 415V 3 phase 2MW System.

Controllis Zero

Controllis Zero is a totally carbon neutral hybrid DC power system.


Controllis Modular 48 Hybrid Renewable Power System

Modular DC Power system for telecoms and hybrid applications.

Controllis Hybrid Power Unit

Add renewable energy, power autonomy & control to your existing sites.


Controllis RSC-HMU Advanced Hybrid System Controller

The Controllis RSC-HMU is an advanced DC Generator and hybrid system controller solution.

Controllis Remote Management Server

The Remote Management Server is the central management server and database at the heart of the Controllis remote control system.