Renewable Hybrid Systems

Renewable Hybrid Systems can utilize several renewable energy sources together with the DC genset and battery bank to provide further system efficiency as well as greater balance in energy supply. Controllis renewable hybrid systems can use 90% less fuel than AC systems.

Controllis designs, integrates and supplies solar arrays to work in conjunction with our Hybrid systems. Depending upon your site criteria we can provide ground or tower-based arrays or solar panels mounted directly on our cabinet. The aim is to provide the optimum energy solution and performance whilst minimizing cell site footprint.

The Controllis ‘drop and deploy’ renewable hybrid system is a single, secure cabinet. The cabinet includes the DC generator, engine, battery bank, air conditioning (if required) and an integrated, secure fuel tank. The cabinet also includes integrated solar array controllers, monitored via our smart controller, to optimise the whole system performance.

The cabinet also has room to accommodate other site telecommunications equipment (BTS and backhaul equipment) along with IP cameras and other transmission equipment should this be required.

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