Service and Support

Controllis provides a range of services and support for our DC Generator and Hybrid power system customers, including the necessary hands-on installation support and training for your staff and partners. Our services include:

Complete Site Design Package:

Our site modelling tools will provide a detailed cost analysis of both the CAPEX and OPEX for your deployment sites. Working with local experts to identify the costs associated with fueling, maintenance etc. our planning team will provide a clear, easy to follow TCO for your sites the provides the best possible payback and running costs.

Power Dimensioning:

Using our extensive experience of DC engineering solutions, we can perform detailed analysis of site loads and power requirements to provide clear guidance on the ideal generator size, plus associated battery bank configuration, that will provide our industry leading fuel usage in terms of litres per hour and litres per kilowatt hour generated.

Battery Consultation:

As an early adopter of Lithium Ion battery technologies, we have many years of deployment experience with this chemistry, and have an industry leading perspective on the potential benefits of LI. Used in conjunction with our Power Dimensioning service, we can indicate the best possible battery bank chemistry and capacity to provide the optimal solution for your needs.

Site Installation and Maintenance:

As part of the Controllis Customer Care package, extended to all of our customers, we can provide our fully qualified engineers to provide in-country support for new site installations, and also generator maintenance activities. With 10+ years’ experience of deployment across South America, Central + South East Asia, Africa and Europe, let our in-house engineers ensure your sites are installed to the highest possible standard.


We provide a range training services for our customers and partners, either delivered in-country, on site or at a UK based training facility.

Renewable Integration:

All Controllis power generation and management products are native DC power systems. There are no additional rectifiers, inverters, or any other electrical transformation systems deployed on site. This allows for common bus bar integration with common renewable sources such as solar and/or wind, allowing the full charging current from these elements to be routed directly to the site without any loss due to expensive, inefficient electrical transformation.

Naturally, as part of the Controllis In-Site remote monitoring system, all renewable energy charging sources can be fully analysed, configured and optimised without ever having to travel to site.

Remote Monitoring:

The Controllis In-Site monitoring toolset, provided as standard with all Controllis equipment, provides full remote site visibility, 24/7 all year round. This allows monitoring of critical consumable levels (fuel, water, oil), generator power elements (current, power) and site security aspects of your deployment. Whenever, wherever you are, via desktop, laptop, tablet or phone device, your sites are securely available for fault resolution, reporting functions, and site optimisation.

We also offer a range of additional monitoring options including:

  • Fuel theft detection.
  • Predictive refueling scheduling.
  • Up to the minute fuel consumption and generator efficiency calculation.
  • Engine harmonics analysis for early, non-intrusive detection of engine faults.
  • Renewable energy integration and monitoring.
  • Integration of BTS and other site telecommunication equipment.
  • Additional site security, e.g. remote cameras.
We recognise that each customer has different requirements and challenges, please contact us to discuss how we can help.