Smart Exchange Power

Smart, monitored renewable power and autonomy upgrade for legacy exchanges

Controllis Smart Exchange Power uniquely provides additional power backup capacity and renewable power input to legacy telecom exchanges.

Working directly with and complimenting the existing power infrastructure, we provide increased battery autonomy, reduced carbon footprint, cloud control & data analytics of both the existing and new power infrastructure.

Power Challenges for Fixed Operators

Ensuring service continuity has become critically important, with many operators needing to increase the backup capacity and power autonomy of their exchanges.

The power infrastructure serving these exchanges is in some cases decades old but still perfectly functional. Often, however, this equipment does not provide the levels of power backup required today.

Operators face many challenges in providing increased back-up capacity to their estates. These include: 

  • Ensuring the existing lead-acid battery and AC generator investment is utilised as fully as possible
  • Space availability and hazards from legacy building materials such
    as asbestos
  • Corporate responsibility to reduce carbon footprint, use renewable energy sources and report on the metrics of the impact and benefits
  • Delivering payback in terms of reduced operating costs and reduced business risk

How Controllis Solves These Challenges

Smart Exchange Power allows operators to augment their existing exchanges with flexible, scalable and future-proof power autonomy:

  • Works directly with the existing exchange power systems and scales as needed
  • Deployed externally to the exchange with no internal building work needed
  • Adds renewable energy, reduces electricity costs, reduces carbon footprint, increases exchange autonomy
  • Reduces OPEX costs with remote testing and reporting of the existing lead-acid battery estate

How Smart Exchange Power Works

The core of the system is the Hybrid Power Unit, an environmentally controlled secure enclosure containing a scalable lithium-ion battery, Advanced System Controller and other electronics.

The lithium-ion battery is a scalable 19” or 23” rack mounted solution providing additional exchange capacity from 100 up to 6,500 amp hours and beyond.

The battery has a comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) and anti-theft protection. This is connected in parallel with the existing lead-acid battery via a current limiter protecting both battery banks.

This allows the operator to continue to get years of service from the existing lead-acid battery bank.

Sensors and Control

Controllis place several sensors within the existing exchange power infrastructure and throughout the Smart Exchange Power system. The sensors monitor the voltage levels, currents and condition of the existing exchange power equipment, (e.g. the lead acid battery, AC mains, AC generator, rectifiers, transfer switches etc). The Controllis Smart Exchange Power system uses this data to ensure exchange AC and DC power is always provided, according to the operator’s requirements.

The Advanced System Controller provides telemetry, remote-control, charging and voltage / flow management of the entire exchange power solution. It has a wide range of analog sensor inputs, digital signal interfaces and in conjunction with sensors and relays the system controller can monitor and control a diverse range of legacy exchange equipment.

The controller is highly integrated with the lithium ion Battery Management System, the Controllis exchange sensors and other Controllis power options, (e.g. DC generator and solar / wind inputs). The controller has 2G, 3G and LTE wireless and Ethernet connectivity to securely connect to the remote management server.

Cloud-Based Remote Management

The Remote Management Server (RMS) monitors and controls remote assets, systems and devices connected to any Advanced System Controller. The RMS is highly secure, cloud based and presents a map-based, drill-down GUI for the monitoring and control of the power system.

The RMS provides comprehensive real-time and historical data analytics to gain detailed insight into all aspects of system performance.

A key example of this is the ability to truly understand and report on the performance and energy contribution of the battery system and any solar inputs deployed.

Power Modularity and Flexibility

The Smart Exchange Power solution is a modular and scalable system which allows operators to introduce renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. The solution can easily integrate further backup power systems such as DC generators. The Controllis Remote Management System provides the remote management of all deployed energy sources.

Controllis DC generator

As part of Smart Exchange Power, Controllis can deploy our DC generator as an optional additional power backup solution. This is a secure external cabinet containing a 12kW 48V generator with a telecoms grade DC output. Controllis DC generators can also be deployed in several modes – for example, standalone, hybrid and dual configurations for extra flexibility and power autonomy.

Introducing renewable energy sources

The Controllis solar solution includes a scalable solar array which can be ground, roof, cabinet or tower mounted at exchange sites.

The system includes a MPPT solar charge controller which is tightly integrated into the Controllis Remote Management System and allows operators to view and report on the solar performance, voltage, power and energy contribution over time.

Smart Exchange Summary

Controllis Smart Exchange Power provides the optimum way to incrementally augment the power capacity and autonomy of your telecom exchange buildings.

  • Multiple renewable power storage solutions, scaled as needed, reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Deployed outside the exchange to minimise the need for building works or internal equipment
  • Integrated directly with the existing exchange power infrastructure to use existing assets and systems
  • Comprehensive data analytics provide insight and reporting on how the systems are performing operationally, and also how they are contributing to your business
  • Show and report on the energy use contribution over time for any component of the system
  • Significantly reduce expenditure by monitoring and reporting on your legacy lead acid battery estate

Smart Exchange Power can significantly reduce your energy and operational costs by introducing renewable energy.

Smart Exchange can reduce your business risk by easily and effectively improving your exchange power autonomy.

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