Hybrid Systems

Hybrid power systems provide dependable power for remote and off-grid installations while minimizing the run time of diesel generators. Typically, hybrid systems comprise a DC generator coupled with a battery bank and system controller to deliver 48VDC to the site load and backhaul equipment.

The DC generator and battery bank are monitored and controlled by the system controller to ensure the most efficient use of the generator and battery bank. This approach offers substantial benefits in terms of significantly reduced fuel costs. Typically Controllis Hybrid systems use 70% less fuel than AC systems and lower CO2 emissions. They also offer reduced maintenance and improved reliability.

We can provide the right size of battery bank according to your specifications. We generally use Lithium ion batteries because of their power density, weight, size, and performance – a typical system provides over 6,000 cycles. The Controllis smart controller continuously monitors the site power requirements, the DC generator and battery bank to provide the most efficient fuel utilisation and to prolong the life of the battery bank.

Controllis provides integrated, wired and pre-built, modular ‘drop and deploy’ hybrid solutions in a single, secure cabinet. The cabinet includes the DC generator, engine, battery bank, air conditioning (if required) and an integrated, secure fuel tank.

The cabinet also has room to accommodate other site telecommunications equipment (BTS and backhaul equipment) along with IP cameras and other transmission equipment should this be required.

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